Alice Branton is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer third as well as the Trivedi Master™ at Trivedi Global Inc. She has set numerous examples of accomplishments and her service to humanity.

Born in Texas, a southern state in the United States of America, Alice was very ambitious about her career right from her early youth. She worked hard to fulfill her dreams of attaining something big in her life. She completed her MBA in Finance and Marketing, and quickly got a job in a reputed multinational company where she ascended the ladder of achievements and reached at a top leading position. In spite of all her success and achievements, her search for spiritual fulfillment was still not over.

Alice joined the Trivedi Global Inc. in 2010. She met Mahendra Trivedi regarding her mother’s terminal illness and got immediately impressed by the influences of his Blessings can make and understood that it has huge possibilities for the future of humankind. Alice Branton was very interested in working for human welfare, so she decided to support Mahendra Trivedi in his mission and since then she has been working like a strong pillar of Trivedi Global Inc.

Her multiple skills of management, marketing, operations and consumer relations helped Alice take the company to new heights of success.

The guidance of Mahendra Trivedi and her dedication towards human cause, granted her the gift to be a conduit of the Universal Intelligence. Alice Branton was announced as the new Trivedi Master™ on November 9th, 2013 and since then she has been bestowing the Grace of God on people seeking relief from various problems in life.

As a proud citizen of the United States of America, Alice Branton wants to see it as a spiritual center of the world. Owing to her special affinity for women and children, she wants to dedicate most of her services for their empowerment and development.