Alice Branton is a dynamic leader, disruptive  entrepreneur and galvanizing speaker on a mission to champion the breakthrough science of Life Force Energy and its applications in pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals product research to usher in a new era of human health and wellness.

Alice is committed to establish thought leadership towards advancement of Life Force science and applications through public speaking, partnerships as well as continued research and product development.

Alice is the co-author in over 250 scientific research publications reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals and featured in over 3,000 universities worldwide across 130 countries.

Speaking Topics Include

  • The Life Force Ascendency: The Key to Anti-Aging, Longevity and Vitality.
  • Re-thinking Nutrition through the Lens of Bioavailability, the Role of Vitamin D3 Receptors and the Impact of Life Force Energy
  • The Science of Life Force Energy: Breakthrough, Disruption and Exponential Opportunity

Quotes from Attendees


Alice just brought me to tears with what she was sharing earlier and the insights about how they all are personally and intimately connected to us and truly concerned about our issues. This makes me so much more appreciative of the Divine gifts that are in my life, for my family, for humanity overall.


Thank you for your enlightening talk on choice and opportunity, Vitamin D3 in the blood vs intelligent VDR, the fact that not all organs and body parts may have intelligent VDR and the Life Force – Vitamin D3 connection.


Ah Alice, so many windows! Discipline, emphasis on outcomes, necessity of trust and confidence, the brilliant discourse on parasites, importance of observing nature, choice between PTSD and transformation, and so many more. The outcome for me is calmness, peaceful serenity, living in the moment, and a quiet joy. Thank you!


Thank you for your discourse Alice, for synthesizing Guruji’s wisdom and adding your own understanding. I am resonating strongly with this topic and the way you presented things helped my understanding.